"Fire-Catzilla" has awakened!!! New vinyl figure from Joe Ledbetter!

Are you ready for the next iteration of Joe Ledbeter's FireCat?!?!? Well... it's here, and it's ready to smash entire cities... introducing Fire-Catzilla!!! Adding a twist to his previously released FireCat figure, Fire-Catzilla features newly sculpted fins, a tail, and an electric flame with the Japanese word for "rawr" printed across in neon pink. This 11" tall green monster is a limited edition of just 300 pieces and will be available exclusively from the artist himself on his web store HERE beginning this Friday, September. 26th at 8am PST! Fire-Catzilla has been in the works for years, J.Led explains; "I have imagined bringing this beast of a character to life in vinyl toy form since I first created Fire-Catzilla in a painting back in 2009. Couldn't be happier to set this monster loose inside your toy collections". Such a cool edition to the growing FireCat family. The last figure sold out... so be sure to snag this up asap!

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