COMING TODAY: Bukimi Blasters's Oni-inspired "Evil Demon" soft Japanese vinyl figures!

Thankfully spotted over on the Man-E-Toys blog, Shigeo Endo's new toy endeavor — Bukimi Blasters — is proud to announce their debut release: the "Evil Demon" figure! Obviously inspired by the Japanese legends of the Oni and very reminiscent in style of classical Japanese artistry, these roughly 6-inch tall pieces are cast in light green soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) and are brimming with evil anticipation… Painted in metallic red, yellow, green and silver with black, white and red for details, there will be one more color effect added on the teeth before completion. With three full points of articulation — neck and arms — these figures will also come with a severed head omake (extra) that's not shown. Available in limited numbers and will be first come, first served… with a limit of one per person! So don't miss out when these are released today (Friday, September 12th, 2014) at 8PM Pacific time in the Bukimi Blasters online store for $120 apiece.

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