Can we make this James Jean × Mighty Jaxx release inspired by "Tiger III" happen?!?

As long time fans of James Jean's art, Mighty Jaxx has "always been fascinated by the complexity of his works and wondered how they would look like in 3D. So this is a tribute piece we are working on for fun, as fans. Just a tribute in the likeness, no commercial value." Inspired by Jean's "Tiger III" piece, pictured below, this potential art toy would be a certainly fantastic release in the Mighty Jaxx oeuvre as well as a breath-taking addition to Jean's available products. As a someone that truly wants to see this piece be released, if anyone reading this happens to be friendly with James Jean then please show him this post and have him contact Mighty Jaxx about turning this from a fun side project to an actual production piece.

Please do not, under any circumstance, blindly contact James Jean about this. If you do not know Mr. Jean personally but would still like to try to make this happen, take an screen capture of this post and spread it socially while tagging James Jean — Twitter: @JamesJeanArt, Instagram: @JamesJeanArt, or his Facebook page — as well as Mighty Jaxx — Twitter: @MightyJaxx, Instagram: @MightyJaxx, or their Facebook page. Maybe, just maybe, we can get these two crazy kids together…

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