Alex Solis × Mighty Jaxx's "The Chunky Knight (Original Edition)" Painted Resin Figure Release!

Alex Solis is an illustrator who tends to take pop cultural icons and, in the tradition of Supersize Me, make them look like they'd eaten fast food every day for a month. When doing such parody-laden art pieces, it is easy to forget that the devil is in the details… but Solis always thinks of ways to alter or skew even the smallest touches to make them work within the whole. For instance, his "The Chunky Knight" — obviously a mockery of Gotham's greatest protector, The Dark Knight himself, Batman — made sure one of the belt pockets was overflowing with fries… a perfect little touch. Mighty Jaxx have begun producing art toys based on Solis's "The Chunky Knight," pictured above. These 8-inch tall resin art toys are being released in the Original Edition, fully painted to mimic and mock the classic Batman look, which is limited to 100 pieces worldwide. While other color versions are surely in the works, like the previously released Black Edition, this one — which will be available on Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 7PM Pacific time in Mighty Jaxx's online shop — is sure to be the one that every fan is clamoring for.

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