Whoa, amazing! JFury's custom Dunny of "Gizmo as Rambo" from Gremlins 2: The New Batch!

If you have any nostalgia for Gremlins 2: The New Batch, then one of the most memorable moments for you must be when Gizmo — tired of being bullied — dresses as Rambo and kills the nefarious Mohawk with an arrow made out of a flaming white out container on a pencil. I haven't seen the movie in quite a few years, but seeing JFury's customized 3-inch Dunny depicting that scene completely brings it back in my mind. A one-of-a-kind art piece sculpted and hand-painted for a private collector, this piece perfectly captures the sneer and attitude of Gizmo, which is a stunningly difficult feat in a realistic sculpt. Everything down to the handmade accessories are spot on, in fact! Since this was a commission, it is not available for sale, though JFury can be directly contacted about unique commission pieces.

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