Triplikid's unpainted & blank white "Mini Mirth" D.I.Y. Resin Figure is Coming Soon!

When last we spotted Triplikid's "Mini Mirth" resin figures, he had a rainbow array of colors cast… and it seems like he picked a favorite. Set to come out shortly is the unpainted/blank white D.I.Y. version of the 2½-inch tall mini figure, which Triplikid has a small run of currently in hand. Since the 5-inch tall version of "Mirth" is $40 in D.I.Y. white, we can assume that this smaller one is going to be around $20… though I'm sure getting that tiny detail in there takes a lot more work on this scale. Keep an eye on Triplikid's online shop, as I'm sure many an artist will want to paint up this tiny guys!

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