Star Wars vs. MF Doom? Angry Woebots × Silent Stage's "Knuckles N' Hugs: R2-D.DOOM" T-Shirt!

Aaron "Angry Woebots" Martin has begun a new t-shirt project entitled "Knuckles N' Hugs" (or KNKLSNHUGS), which is primarily based around taking "toys and mashing them with stuff I dig, [then] putting them on worn products." The debut release in the series, "R2-D.DOOM," is an RD-D2 droid from Star Wars wearing the notorious metal mask of rapper MF Doom! We're warned that releases in the "Knuckles N' Hugs" collection will be "small runs," so don't delay in snagging your copy from Silent Stage's online shop for $30 apiece.

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