Skullmark × Lulubell Toy Bodega's "Galaxy Commanders" sofubi figures revealed!

Initially spotted during our coverage of Lulubell Toy Bodega's 2014 SDCC Booth (see HERE), Hong Kong-based Skullmark have been busy recreating the 1977 “Starroid Raiders” action figures from Tomland, altering the original 3¾-inch pieces into 9- to 12-inch tall prototypes for soft Japanese vinyl production. The nine figures, just like the smaller originals, appear to have blocked out spaces on their chests for stickers revealing their innards… Very cool and we can't wait to see more, as these should be due out this Fall!
Work-in-Progress sculpts pictured with the
Tomland's 1977 "Starroid Raiders" action figures that inspired them:
Top Row: Wag • Tior • Newt
Middle Row: Yugon • Yasu • Waah
Bottom Row: Aton • Tango • Koga

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