"Science Fiction" Mystery Minis announced from Funko!!!

Funko has announced a new set of mystery minis based on popular science fiction properties... and for those of you who love their Mystery Mini's... these are for you! What can you expect, well, all that you see above with ratios including: 1:12 Alien (metallic), 1:12 E.T., 1:12 Judge Dredd, 1:12 Predator (plain), 1:12 Robby the Robot, 1:12 Robocop, 1:12 Spock, 1:12 Tron (plain), 1:12 Tron (G.I.T.D.), 1:24 Alien (plain), 1:24 Captain Mal Reynolds, 1:24 Metaluna Mutant, 1:24 Predator (wounded), 1:36 Jayne Cobb, 1:36 Predator (clear), 1:72 Mars Attacks, 1:72 The Rocketeer!
Our favortites... that "Stealth" Predator and "Metallic" Xenomorph. The series will feature 17 different figures each with varying rarity. Start checking in with Funko retailers this September to get your very own Scifi Mystery Minis.

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