Otto Bjornik's "Eddie the Jiangshi," or Chinese hopping vampire, resin figure coming soon!

One of my personal favorite folktales is from China, that of the jiangshi, or Chinese 'hopping' vampire. Usually attired in official garments from the Qing Dynasty, these 'stiff corpses' (the literal meaning of the name) are more akin to the Western zombie than the vampire, being unable to bend its limbs and body, so it has to move around by hopping while keeping its arms stretched out for mobility! And it appears I'm not the only one fascinated by these creatures, as skillful sculptor and perfect painter Otto Björnik has created the original "Eddie the Jiangshi" (艾迪·僵屍) designer toy. Pictured above in the multiple prototyping phase, "Eddie" will have his traditional talisman added by Björnik before going along to resin rotocasting! Expect these fantastic figures to be released in the next few months, probably each hand-painted by Björnik. All I can say for now is, let me know where to sign up to reserve one!

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