Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Berserker (Black Magic Witch Hunter)" Figure Lottery Has Begun!

Richard "LASH" Montanari, the mastermind behind Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, has announced a new edition of the notorious "Berserker" figure, which itself is an evolution & modification of "Ollie." This new micro edition is the "Black Magic Witch Hunter," a 13½-inch tall behemoth which has been cast in soft Japanese vinyl. Made on a black base, this vinyl has been painted with mono gray and white sprays as well as having the clear red doll eyes inset into it. Each Berserker will come with both the haunted axe weapon and the severed head with trident throwing weapon omake, or extras, as well as a MVH sticker and pin set. In addition to the pictured 'regular' edition — which is super special and fully loaded itself — there will be three randomly packaged one-off versions!
Due to what will surely be overwhelming demand for this piece, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore will be holding a 24-hour lottery. To enter the raffle, just visit the lotteries section of the MVH site between now and tonight (Friday, August 29th, 2014) at 8:59PM Pacific time. Winners will be notified on Saturday, August 30th and given directions to purchase their $200 "'Black Magic Witch Hunter' Berserker" figure (shipping not included). Also, optionally, lottery winners can add a stunning 7½"×13½" Giclée print, on heavy velum stock, of the Berserker as illustrated by the talented tattoo artist Zack Taylor of Triple Crown Tattoo.

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