Jared Circusbear's exploration of Disney's Aladdin & Haunted Mansion in custom Vinylmation form!

Specializing in customs on the 3-inch & 9-inch tall Vinylmation "Mickey Mouse" forms, Jared Circusbear unveils a collection of recent commissioned work he's created for various collectors. Pictured above is the first half of an Aladdin themed set entitled "Make way for Prince Ali," which includes subtly re-sculpted and beautifully hand-painted interpretations of Aladdin himself, Genie, and Abu as an elephant. Based on another Disney related property, The Haunted Mansion, the below pictured interpretation are of the Caretaker and his dog. With a rapidly growing commission list, Jared Circusbear is still accepting new requests for now; so contact him if you'd like to commission a special work of art.

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