If it has a face like a bunny & ears like a bunny, then Haus of Boz's new figure is… a "Bunnicorn"?!?

When one enters the Haus of Boz, a place of adorableness curated by the owner, The Loz Boz, then one can expect to be exposed to cuteness beyond the realms of reason… Which brings us to the second teaser for the brand new Haus of Boz resin figure, the above pictured array of bunny ears. As I guessed in the previously teaser post, I'm getting more and more confident that this is indeed a bunny rabbit figure of some sort! But, I must say, that long cotton tail fluff you can see peeking up at head level doesn't seem traditionally bunny-like… more like a horse… or a unicorn. Oh, remember when she did those ½ bunny and ½ unicorn creatures for ToyConUK? My revised guess is that the "Bunnicorn" will be making a resin figure debut soon! Of course, if doesn't seem to have a pegged space for the horn part… Hmm… Make sure to follow The Loz Boz's Instagram feed for more information as it develops.

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