Grimsheep x Happy Panda Toys - Vinyl mini figure series... yes, this is actually happening!!!

Way back in 2011 we posted up a nice little teaser HERE of a possible upcoming mini-figure series designed by Owen DeWitt aka Grimsheep and produced by Happy Panda Toys... but like alot of toy projects, never saw the light of day... until now!!! That's right, this is actually happening, and the folks over at HPT have been posting little teaser images of some figures in this series... a group of animal assassins, poised to kill and look ruthless while doing so! From the initial pictures, we really like the unique head and body sculpts... and the paint applications look spot on. Another thing we notice is articulation at the wrist... perfect for poseability of weapons! No word on an official release just yet, but we are excited to see that this series actually came to fruition... especially after such a long hiatus!

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