Frombies in WalMart?!?! Looking to the future... NYCC!!!

While the majority of the designer toy world is prepping for SDCC, the folks over at Frombies are focousing on the future... future conventions that is, as they have just teased new releases for NYCC!!! First up... BIG NEWS... Frombie is now in Walmart's nationwide!! They have been working on this deal for about a year now and are so excited about their new Back-To-School products for kids. They have five unique folders, so the kids can collect them all or have one for each subject, and according to them... this is only the beginning!

Now... they recently released some sneak peeks for the NYCC banners that showcase only a few things that they'll be bringing to New York this year, and form the looks of it, they will have a booth full of exclusives!!! They also inform us that they will be giving away a lot of awesome promo's too such as; stickers, a limited edition ash-can comic and more. Lastly, they have created a small sister label under Frombie called EEPZ. The EEPZ collectible pin label was created by their Art Director, Jon Hunt, and it will debut at their pin booth in the main hall. More news on this soon!

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