COOP's "Nag Fink" screen print of NagNagNag's Boryoku Genjin as Kustom Kulture icon Rat Fink!

Fantastic illustrator COOP has a long history of working with Shigeru Arai of NagNagNag fame, creating artwork for a myriad of Arai's "Boryoku Genjin" (aka Nag) releases, so when COOP opts to issue forth a print using that well known character… you know it's a good one! Pictured above, the Boryoku Genjin is redressed in the typical manner of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's iconic "Rat Fink" creation with all the trappings of Kustom Kulture typically associated with it. A fantastic looking screen print, this 18"×24" hand-pulled silkscreen on heavy stock will be issued in a signed & numbered edition of only 100 pieces, all of which are available for pre-order now HERE in COOP's online store for $75 apiece.

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