WickedMasterMind delves into resins of his sculpts with the blind boxed "Erosion Warriors" series!

After honing his sculpting skills and style over a myriad of releases, WickedMasterMind has intricately sculpted upon the vast majority of a 2½-inch tall Micro Foomi figure and cast the resulting 'new' design in resin. Entitled the "Erosion Warriors," this edition of five pieces is being sold blind boxed, with one lucky buyer randomly receiving the "Nuclear Chase" version. While I am thrilled to see how far this artist's talent has come in the last year or so, I wish he'd sculpted these from scratch (or more thoroughly covered the base) and really made something uniquely his own rather than 'bootlegging' the Kidrobot platform to any degree. That said, you can't complain with the $50 per blind box price tag that these are going for in WickedMasterMind's online shop!

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