Swab x Sotheby x Qee - Customs Qee Benefit Auction with work by DrilOne, KMNDZ, Jon Paul Kaiser, Emilio Garcia & More!!!

Do you like buying custom toys... of course you do!!! How about buying custom toys knowing that 100% of the proceeds go to the Foundation Fighting Against AIDS (FLS) under the direction of Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, a non-profit organization that aims to care, research and teach in the field of AIDS??? Well... it's a win/win in this instance as Swab teamed up with Sotheby and Toy2R to host an online custom Qee auction... and there are some seriously amazing pieces up for grabs! The artists involved include: Pau Aguirremota, Anthony Ausgang, Octavio Barrera, Rafel Bianchi, BlopPlus, Nolasco Brent, Javi Calleja, Paula Carbonell, Cristina Castañer, Victor Castillo, Chan, Ciclopep, Josep M. Civit, Sandro Colbertaldo, Marc Comas, Rosó Cusó, Deeten, DrilOne, Gerard Fernández Rico, Ivana Flores, Christian Fogarolli, Sergio Gallegos, Emilio García, Steve Gibson, Gina Gimenez (Júlia i Teo), Godhay Toys Graphics, Aleix Gordo, Victor Jaenada, Julie B, Jon Paul Kaiser, Kans, KMNDZ, Julián Lorenzo, Carlos Marques, M69 Barcelona, David Méndez Alonso, Hanako Mimiko, Mariona Moncunill, Guillermo Mora, Joan Morey, Marcos Notiavoli, Jorge Ochagavia, Okokume, Okrabelo, Anna Oset, Jordi Prat Pascual, Juan Redon, Factoria Rent Me, Conrad Roset, Samuel Salcedo, Óliver Sánchez, Erik Mark Sandberg, Amparo Sard, SES, SM172, SOEM, Syntetik, Tacto, Joan Tarragó, Carla Tarruella, Mark Todd, Marina Vargas, Olimpia Velasco, Enrique Zamora, Zems. So what are you waiting for, head on over HERE right now to check out all the pieces and then hit up the online store HERE to snag up these amazing customs!

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