Shadoe Delgado's custom Dunny & Micro Munny "Shadow Scrappers" for his Commission Project!

As we previously announced, sculptural customizer Shadoe Delgado has begun a Commission Project, aiming to do at least one commissioned custom each and every week for the next year. Pictured herein are the pieces he created for the second and third week: the trio of a 7-inch Munny & two 2½-inch Micro Munnys named "Shadowboss and minions(redux)" (above) and the 3-inch tall "(Fractured)Shadowlapin" Dunny (below). Each intricately sculpted upon, creating a tactile looking skin texture, these fantastically painted pieces each feature removable elements — the Munny's mask for the "Shadowboss" and the cigar from the "Shadowlapin" — and they will certainly become prized objets d'art in the collection of the art connoisseur who commissioned them. Those interested in becoming part of Delgado's Commission Project and commissioning a Dunny, Munny, or Labbit platform can simply place their order for the appropriate sized beast in Delgado's online shop, though those desiring something a bit more unique should contact the artist at ShadoeDelgado [at] gmail [dot] com to work out the details with Delgado directly.

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