OKEDOKI × VTSS Toys's "Little Dreamers Collector Set" announced with release info!

If you're a fan of Okedoki's fantastically fun "Benny the Dreamer" figurine, then this new miniaturized set of the design from VTSS Toys is the perfect addition (or beginning) to your collection. Containing five version of the iconic piece — the original red "Benny the Dreamer," the white-garbed "Daydreamer," the sinisterly black "Night Terror," the gold electroplated "Alchemist," and the glow-in-the-dark "Lucid Dreamer" — are all interpreted as 3-inch tall, hand-painted resin pieces for the "Little Dreamers Collector Set." Limited to an edition of 280 copies, each set comes housed in a laser etched wooden box for a mere $145! With a price that can't be denied, this must own collection will be released tomorrow (July 1st, 2014) at 8AM Pacific time in the VTSS Toys online shop!

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