Jon-Paul Kaiser's the "Swords of the Fallen Daimyo" custom Android set of five Asian-style heroes!

UK artist Jon-Paul Kaiser continues to amaze with his minimal color palate but sharp-as-heck executions. Commission by a private collector, Kaiser hand-painted five Android figures to fit within the backstory of the "Swords of the Fallen Daimyo," which we're told is this:
The daimyo is the character in black with the red collar, he and his castle has been deposed by The Grey Tiger clan, aided by the Mountain Tengu. Their honour remains intact as they lost their homestead due to demonic powers, and now the five heroes have joined forces to gather together their people and reclaim their land.
The swords consist of the daimyo's one-eyed samurai brother, the samurai daughter of the late captain of his personal guard, eager to prove her worth and avenge the slaughter of her father.
Joining them is the giant sohei warrior-priest of the keep, who shrugged off a dozen arrows from the invaders as he whisked his lord to safety.
After their battle they were joined by a wandering Komuso monk, wearing a woven tengai hood and protected from bandits by his reed armour, they travel the back roads facing roaming bands of ronin and head towards their ancestral home.

Per usual, these heroic warriors are perfectly rendered on the platform, the stark use of black-and-white off-set ever-so-slightly by touches of color on each figure. While these one-of-a-kind objets d'art were private commissions and thus are not available for sale, we understand that Kaiser might be taking new commission requests; if you're interested, please politely contact him and request to be added to his commission list.

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