*Exclusive first look* Scott Tolleson x Skybound Entertainment - Vinyl figure teaser for SDCC 2014!

We posted a teaser HERE last week showing off a collaboration between Skybound Entertainment and Scott Tolleson... and today, we are giving you all an exclusive sneak peek of a glimpse of what we can expect!!! A new line of figures? A single figure? A mini-figure line? Blind Box? Is it going to just be 'The Walking Dead' or other properties from Skybound like 'Invincible', 'Clone', or 'Ghosted'??? These are all question we have... but one thing is certain, SDCC 2014 is where all will be revealed!!! As you can see, Scott, as well as Skybound, got the seal of approval on the feet of this new figure(s)... but we want more!!! What are your guesses? What are you hoping for? More info hopefully soon, until then, get excited!

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