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Brandt Peters × Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Bag-Head Sludge Demon" & "Ol' Scratch Stingy Jack" sofubi collaborations!

The previously announced collaboration between Brandt Peters and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore continues to evolve… Not only did Peters design the "Bag-Head" head for MVH's "DX Dokruo Sludge Demon" but MVH's Rich Montanari, who did all the sculpting, designed the new "Ol' Scratch" head for use on Peters's "Stingy Jack" figure! While updates have been a little vague as to the status, we know that Splurrt's "Bone Usir" head has been formed in wax (which means it is ready for molding) and that both Montanari's new DX head as well as Paul Kaiju's design are "almost done as well!"

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