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What to do when your Custom Munny breaks… Josh Mayhem's "The Mundam Wing Redux!"

As you may recall, artist Josh Mayhem crafted a wonderful "Mundam Wing" kit-bash of Gundam Wing elements on a vinyl Munny base for last year's Art Without Borders exhibition. What wasn't widely reported was that the piece had minor breaks in shipping, which Mayhem fixed before the opening. Then, in being shipped to the buyer, more breaks occurred… and in being shipped to Mayhem to repair, major damages happened. This extremely sad turn of events has a happy resolution, as Mayhem — with the buyer's permission — rebuilt the 7-inch Munny custom afresh, giving it brand new elements and colors. Now titled "The Mundam Wing Redux," this is a perfect example of how a professional artist solves a terrible situation, making sure his fan is happy and has received a magnificent work!

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