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The hordes of Monsters & Mecha and Skelevex releases for ToyConUK 2014!

ToyConUK Booth #32 will be shared between the Monsters & Mecha brand, which releases pieces by DMS and Neese, as well as Skelevex, the popular skull-shaped collaboration between Chris "alto" Dobson & DMS. The Monsters & Mecha half, teased above, will include: Hoot the Owl (£45), Rainbow Raar! (£50), Shocking Pink Raar! (£55), T42 Funcrusher Plus (£50) and ToyCon exclusive Pink Sucklord in Carbonite (£35). The Skelevex display, teased below, will feature: DIY or Die (£10), Bag of Bones blind bag series one (£15), T-Shirts (£15) and various customs by DMS, Alto, Neese, RunDMB, and Lisa Rae Hansen, ranging in price from £20 to £200. Needless to say, if you're a fan of DMS's fantastic work, Booth #32 will be filled with it in one way or another…

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