Simon Boses's "TerraNauts" series of completely unique clay art toys on Kickstarter!

Simon "Mudmonkey" Boses, inspired by Designer Toys, has created the "TerraNauts" – Terra meaning ‘from the ground or earth’ and Nauts meaning ‘explorers.’ Currently being funded on Kickstarter, each TerraNaut is a unique handmade clay figure — with absolutely no molds used in the creation — that stands between 3- and 5-inches tall. Pictured in the above video are a variety of prototype TerraNauts, as well as the fantastic Small and Large Stage Add-ons for display, which certainly give the idea of what these'll look like. I really like the simply and strange style of these figures, so please check out the Kickstarter campaign now and maybe help Mr. Boses achieve his goal!

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