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PJ Constable takes on the cast from 'Adventure Time'... and completely knocks them outta the park!!!

17 year old UK based artist and sculptor, PJ Constable, continues to wow us with each and every release he has created, and his most recent set of "Adventure Time" themed customs and sculpts done for a private collector has us in awe! Featuring a ton of characters including : Jake, Finn, Gunter, Ice King, Beemo, Marceline, Fionna, and Cake... PJ really captured the scale and likeness to the characters seen in the Cartoon Network animated series, all whilst giving his own artist spin on each and every sculpt. Needless to say, the collector that PJ created these for has got to be 'over the moon' with excitement... and what a collection to have! Do you want more PJ in your life?!?! Go check out his online store HERE as there is always something up for grabs! Phewwww, 17 years old... that's some mad skills right there!!!

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