Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Berserker (Midnight Hunter)" Figure Made out of Dinosaur Blood in Japan!

Richard "LASH" Montanari, the mastermind behind Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, has announced a new edition of the notorious "Berserker" figure, which itself is an evolution & modification of "Ollie." This new micro edition is the "'Midnight Hunter' Berserker," a 13½-inch tall behemoth which has been cast in dinosaur blood — or soft vinyl, if you prefer — in Japan. Made on a Tiffany blue base, this vinyl has been painted with a wide variety of greens, reds, purples, blues, black, and silver in both metallic and creamy opaque! Each Berserker will come with both the severed head and spiked ball & chain omake, or extras, and each will be bagged with a header card featuring artwork by Lightning swords of Death frontman Farron Loathing! In addition to the above pictured 'regular' edition — which is super special and fully loaded itself — there will be randomly packaged chase colorway copies as well as a few one-offs and rereconfigured test paints!

Due to what will surely be overwhelming demand for this piece, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore will be holding a 24-hour lottery. To enter the raffle, just visit the lotteries section of the MVH site between Thursday, April 3rd at 9PM Pacific time and Friday, April 4th, 2014 at 8:59PM Pacific time. Winners will be notified on Saturday, April 5th and given directions to purchase their $185 "'Midnight Hunter' Berserker" figure (shipping not included).

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