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"SuperAwesome" - Art and Giant Robot group art show at Oakland Museum of CA!!!

Giant Robot is proud to present "SuperAwesome" at Oakland Museum of California!!! This brand new exhibition coincides with the 20th Anniversary of Giant Robot Magazine as they have been celebrating Asian American Pop Culture and beyond!!! For this show, Giant Robot asked a handful of artists from around the world to customize their 8" tall "Big Boss" mascot figure... and as you can see in the above flyer, these turned out great! Featuring works by: Aaron Brown, SpankyStokes, Mark Nagata, Katsuya Terada, Gary Ham, Julie West, Jason Limon, Okkle, Reactor 88, Stasia Burrington, Jeremiah Ketner, Junko Mizuno, Yukinori Dehara, jerome Lu, Bert Gatchalian, kaNO, Mari Inukai, Jay222, Scott Wilkowski, Yoskay Yamamoto, Edwin Ushiro, Jeni Yang, DrilOne, Valleydweller, Scott Tolleson, and many others! The official opening is on April 19th, 2014.... but there is a preview night on the 18th! On top of this show, there will also be art works in the exhibition hall that represents a range of mediums, including mural art, sculpture, illustration, portraiture, large-scale installations, graphic novels, photography, and more.
I personally was asked to participate in this show, and above is my finished piece. Titled "WindUp Robot", I really wanted to keep the feeling and shape of this figure, as it really did give me a nostalgic feel while working on it, that's why there was no sculpting done to this piece - unlike my normal customs. The figure itself reminded me of those old turnkey tin robots from yesteryear... and that's where I pulled my inspiration from. See this custom, along with so many others on Saturday, April 19th at the Oakland Museum of California!

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