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Kyle Kirwan's "Mudcat: Yholo Mesh" Resin Mini-Figures in Regular & Surprise Greyscale Colorways!

Although Yohlo grew up in Canarthe, he is a Nebin from the Isle of Bentree in the Broken Ocean, and spent the majority of his life sailing the seas of Dor. When his best friend Conrad Bellows got into trouble, Yohlo felt duty bound to take to the skies and help however he could as first-mate on the airship Kellen.
Kyle Kirwan's "Mudcat" series of resin mini figures returns, unleashing the fourth design in the ongoing line: "Yholo Mesh." Standing 2¼-inches tall, this piece was cast in a four piece resin mold to ensure quality and it features one point of articulation at the neck. Completely hand-painted, pictured above is the standard colorway but a "surprise" greyscale edition will be available simultaneously! Limited to an edition of 50 pieces, these will be available for preorder on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 in Kirwan's store for $25 apiece. While the time of release wasn't officially announced, past experience leads us to believe it will be around 9AM Pacific time.

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