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Kyle Kirwan × Pretty in Plastic's Whoppingly Tall "Willo" Rotocast Resin Sculpture on Kickstarter!

Brooklyn-based artist Kyle Kirwan, who I'm continuing to enjoy the work and world creation of, is taking his unique brand of creatures to Kickstarter in an effort to create the "Willo" beasts. As you might be wondering, what are these wondrous wildlife?
Willo is a type of creature found throughout the world of Dor. They are found in a variety of colors from pale pink to black. There are many legends and superstitions surrounding the different types of Willos. For instance glimpsing an all black Willo means someone will die, but a pink Willo brings good luck! Willos are docile creatures ranging from five to six feet tall with curly fur and antlers. They live in every corner of Dor but are timid and shy and uncommonly seen.
These sculptural pieces stand 11-inches tall and will rotocast in resin by the immaculate dreamcrafters at Pretty in Plastic! It's currently available through a Kickstarter campaign and will run you only $65 apiece!

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