"HUGO" the 'Collect & Display' mascot... in resin!!!

I just love when a plan comes together, and for the folks over at 'Collect & Display', this has got to be amazing to see! Born from a concept, converted into a logo of their now mascot created by JC Rivera, "Hugo" has now been immortalized in resin form thanks to Creo Design and will debut at ToyCon UK as a 5" figure! Here's his story: "When a large shipment of vinyl toys arrived from the far east at the Collect and Display office we found one of the boxes moving! Not sure if we should open it or hit it repeatedly with a one of our Joe Ledbetter chaos bunnies, we decided to opened it Peering inside we saw a thing, a furry thing, a furry thing with big teeth and claws, a furry thing with big teeth and claws and a faint smell raspberry bubblegum... obviously we named him HUGO. Now our official mascot, HUGO helps out around the office with all the fiddly little jobs. He's great at finding the toy in the cereal before we have finished, picking the lint out of our mobile phone ports and (although we have never asked him) burping into each and every package we send out, so apologies if upon opening your package you get that strange whiff of raspberry bubblegum, blame HUGO!" The story behind HUGO was kindly put together by Darren Clegg of Klang Customs. 'Collect & Display tell us that they are "over the moon" with how he has turned out... and rightfully so! These will be up for grabs at the C&D booth during the convention and will be limited to only 20 pieces where any leftovers from the ToyCon release will be made available online with the rest of their exclusives (Monday 14th April at 8pm GMT). Each HUGO figure will be priced at £62 each and will come in a special laser engraved box!

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