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Huck Gee, MAD & Joe Ledbetter make a "Jason Vorhees" Dunny for Kidrobot?!?

Holy big news day, Batman! That's right, a brand new leak from the mighty Kidrobot vaults and it's a vector Dunny design! For what is more than likely the next hyper series from KR, this design — to me — bears a striking resemblance to Jason Vorhees of Friday the 13th fame. Could this upcoming series have a horror movie theme, perhaps for a Halloween timed release? And while we have no attached artist to the above design, several of the elements do look familiar: the removable mask from Huck Gee's "Dog" (Dunny Apocalypse Series), the ear & arm sculpts from Gee's "Zombie Union Striker" (Dunny Series 2011), the face sculpt from Jeremy "MAD" Madl's "Zombie Biker" (also from Dunny 2011), and the knife accessory from Joe Ledbetter's "Demon" (Endangered Series Dunny). While it's obviously unlikely that these three collaborated on this piece, it does seem highly likely that Kidrobot would want to make maximum use of the sculpts/molds by reusing them, so… We'll just have to wait for more information and see!

Please Note: Happy April Fool's Day! The above post is a joke and in no way reflects — to the best of our knowledge — anything that is actually occurring.

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