"Dripple: Series 1" crowd funding by Mighty Jaxx... starts this weekend!

After teasing and teasing and teasing and teasing some more, and with the full reveal last week HERE... we finally are getting dates for the upcoming Mighty Jaxx platform release of Sket-One's "Dripple" design (originally released by the now defunct Designer Toy outing of Bad JuJu)! Funded via crowd sourcing... that means YOU, and launching this Friday, April 25th 2014, there will be all kinds of options up for grabs for collectors worldwide. We are not quite sure who all is 100% involved just yet, but per the designs above and what have been reveled before, expect figures from: Huck Gee, Jeremy "MAD" Madl, Andrew Bell, Shane Jessup, kaNO, Luke Chueh, and Touma!  Expect more information shortly… but in the meantime, go hit up the official DrippleToy website HERE!

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