Crystal-Mecha "Destruction of Earth" colorway from Super7 announced... and it will destroy you!

"Crystal Mecha invasion imminent, destruction of Earth certain! After narrowly avoiding certain doom at the X-Hands of the Terror of Crystal Mecha, the colossal mecha-kaiju has returned intent on finishing the job!" Designed by Brian Flynn and produced by Super7, this entry into the DESTROY ALL KAIJU! line of standard-sized figures stands approximately 9” tall... and is ready for battle! This beast really has a vintage feel to it, and playability... yup, it has a ton of it as the figure is articulated at the neck, shoulders, legs, and wrists... don't believe us, check out the animated GIF posted HERE! This "Destruction of Earth" Crystal-Mecha is cast in opaque grey glitter vinyl with metallic green, gun-metal black and light blue sprays, and the head is translucent vinyl with metallic silver and blue. Available HERE on Thursday, April 3rd at 12Noon PST, they will retail for just $95 a pop... don't miss out!

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