A brand new batch of customs from Darren 'klang' Clegg!!!

Darren 'klang' Clegg has recently finished up a bunch of customs and unfortunately/fortunately for him... these have already sold, but that doesn't mean we can't share them with all of you! First up is an awesome custom set of figures he is calling "Athena and White Tights". this figure set features a 3" Dunny and a re-assembled Mini Munny/Micro Munny that he transformed into a giant robot like creations... so rad! "When a military coup swept into power and began ruling the world with an iron fist, The average person had a choice, either become a slave or fight back. White Tights became a deadly sniper tasked with eliminating key personal, she became so successful that an unstoppable mech was created to seek and destroy. This mech was given state of the art AI, which was thought would help find White Tights... It worked, but what no one realised that the AI sympathised with the human struggle and wanted to help. Athena was born, protector and body guard for White Tights and the Rebellion."

He also created a "Fett vs Piranha Plant" custom set... where the Fett figure is a custom 3" Dunny and the piranha plant is 100% hand sculpted. Darren mention that he wanted to have a bit of fun with these... and you can tell he did! If you dig Darren's work, and would like to see what he has up for grabs right now, head on over HERE to 'Collect and Display' to see what is still available!

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