Brent Nolasco's "Hold my heart till brighter days" painting for Dragatomi's "5-Eyed Dragon II" show!!!

We previously announced an awesome five artist group show launching this weekend at Dragatomi... the second iteration "5-Eyed Dragon II"!!! Brent Nolasco will not only have customs figures up for grabs, but some fine art as well, including the above "Hold my heart till brighter days" acrylic on wood painting! Measuring 11" x 17", this piece features a slew of washed out colors, organic shapes that combine to make one creepy looking 'Batheart'... whatever that is :-) It looks awesome, and this, among so many other awesome pieces will be on display and up for grabs this weekend! The "5-Eyed Dragon II" show featuring works from SouthernDrawl, DrilOne, Leecifer, Brent Nolasco, and Betso opens this Saturday, April 12th at Dragatomi!

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