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Skinner goes interstellar with the "THE CELESTIAL TRAVELER"!!!

"...the celestial traveler is a being that exists only in theory and we may never know what it may know and even now, my horribly primitive rendering of what it could look like, is only an embarrassingly limited human depiction. No better than a monkey playing with a stick in some mud, to what it very well may seem, if only we were able... To understand THE CELESTIAL TRAVELER!" Do you remember those crazy psychedelic posters that you could get at the store as a kid, the ones that would look so dope under a black light... well, my main man Skinner is rocking nostalgia all up in your face with his latest release titled "THE CELESTIAL TRAVELER"! Limited to just 45 pieces, measuring 26" x 39", this 7 color 'Black light reactive' silkscreen print by Monolith Press will release this coming Wednesday, April 2nd at 12Noon PST HERE for $100! Oh, and what's a Skinner release without an epic story? Hit the link HERE to read all about this fantastic print!

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