*REVIEW* Tenacious Toys exclusive "Blue" Modern Hero Bank designed by Jeremy "MAD" Madl

I had the opportunity to lay my hands on one MASSIVE piece of vinyl today, and decided what better way to show you all how amazing it is then to do a LIVE video review of it, and that's exactly what I did! Behold... the gigantic Tenacious Toys exclusive "Blue" Modern Hero Bank designed by Jeremy "MAD" Madl!!! Yes, you read that right... it a bank, like a place to store your money!

Limited to just 30 pieces... yeah, SUPER limited... these giant rotocast vinyl figures retail for $150 each and are some of the rarest production pieces available from MAD. Now, you might scoff at a $150 price tag... but if you factor in the size of this figure, not only the height - which is 18" tall - but the girth of this beast, $150 is a great deal! The Modern Hero bank features a removable top hat with a coin slot underneath making it really easy to insert loose change into... shoot, you can even fold up dollar bills and throw them in there, it's HUGE, and will hold enough money for you safely until that next 'MUST BUY' vinyl toy release! The figure has an articulated neck and a coin bank plug at the bottom for easy retrieval of ones life savings. The Tenacious "Blue" colorway is up for grabs HERE right now... and I highly recommend picking one of these up!

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