Free Goodie Friday on SpankyStokes.com - Win 1 of 3 super exclusive GOLD "Edmund" resins from Kyle Kirwan!

It's finally Friday, and boy did this week drag on, but you all know what we do here on Friday, right?!?! FREE GOODIE FRIDAY time, and more specifically, an awesome one at that!!! So what do we have for you this week... well, thanks to the super talented artist Kyle Kirwan we have 3 awesome hand cast GOLD resin "Edmund" figures for this giveaway! That's right... three winners have the chance to get one of these awesome figures... which, by the way, are the only GOLD "Edmunds" ever made... super specific and only for this giveaway on SpankyStokes.com!!! An AWESOME giveaway all around, and you have the chance to win it today! Wanna know how? Keep reading...
1. First up you gotta give the Kyle a 'LIKE' over on his Facebook page HERE, and then while you are at it, give SpankyStokes a 'LIKE' on our page HERE as well... and then 'LIKE' and 'SHARE' this post HERE!

2. Next, just head on over to Twitter and give Kyle a follow HERE, as well as SpankyStokes a follow HERE and then send out this tweet: "I just entered to win 1 of 3 exclusive GOLD "Edmund" resins from @Kyle_Kirwan on http://alturl.com/2942s You should enter too! #SpankyMud" - just copy and paste the above sentence, without the quotes of course and be sure to include #SpankyMud because that's how we track your entry... enter only once this way please.

3. Finally, this one is for all you Instagram heads... visit the SpankyStokes Instagram page HERE and Kyle's page HERE - FOLLOW us... then find the photo with the images that you see above, follow the instructions in it. Make sure to re-post the photo, and hashtag the re-posted photo with #SpankyMud - only enter once this way as well... this is gonna be fun!!!!
Now, each one of those steps is an entry... so if you do all of them, you get 6 entries!!! This contest will end Sunday night 3/02/2014 at 10:00pm so you only have a few days get your entries in, after all is said and done, 3 lucky winners will be chosen at random and will have these awesome figures sent out their way... awesome!!! Good luck to all that enter and a big thanks goes out to Kyle Kirwan for donating such awesome figures for the giveaway!
Alright party people, we have our winners! Thanks so much to everyone for entering... you guys rock! Now, onto the announcement! We randomly picked from every way that you could enter and as luck would have it, we had one winner from each portion... Our Instagram winner was: Frank Jansen aka FPHjansen, our Facebook winner was: Mark Maksimik, and our Twitter winner was: Jeffrey Bucholtz - congrats to all of you! Thanks again for entering, and an even bigger thanks goes out to Kyle Kirwan for donating such an awesome prize to giveaway!

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