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Patrick Wong's "Mortal B.I.G" piece for 16Bit BRAWL show!

For the previously announced '16Bit BRAWL' show, artist Patrick Wong took to the customizing table once again and created yet another excellent piece titled, 'Mortal B.I.G'... a nice little video game, hip-hop mashup! Patrick writes: "The piece is based on the classic Biggie Smalls rhyme from the song "Juicy", that referenced Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis - when he was poor, he could hardly imagine these luxury items. The Sega Genesis was known for the uncensored version of Mortal Kombat. Like the introduction of rap music's Parental Advisory sticker, the ESRB was formed and began rating games like this one as "M" for mature due to the graphic nature of the fatalities. The Mortal B.I.G custom figure juxtaposes two spheres of culture that emerged during the 1990s - the Golden Age of Hip Hop and 16-bit Era of gaming." So much going on in this piece, and if Patrick wouldn't have explained all the hidden meanings behind his work, I don;t think it would have been as special! This custom 7-inch tall vinyl 'Soopa Coin-Up Bros' piece turned out so nice... and really continues to confirm that Patrick is on point with pretty much everything he creates... keep it up, dude!

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