MAD's color variants of his Phase:4 MAD*L's revealed... along with 10yr Anniversary editions!

This past weekend, Jeremy "MAD" Madl took a trip to Chicago as Rotofugi hosted the official release party and signing for his newest release, MAD*L Phase:4! While there, MAD setup a small gallery show featuring artwork from his previous Phases that have released as well as some original ink drawings... and on top of that, MAD had on display the color variants of his Phase:4 figures as well as both 10yr Anniversary MAD*l's! Although we were not on hand, the guys over at Urban Vinyl Daily took some great photos... one of which we commandeered for this post (thanks guys). The color variants look really nice... especially the monochromatic Modern Hero, and the Pink Ape, and that very blue Mae monster... and how about those 10yr Anniversary MAD*l's... hot damn do they look good! MAD hasn't mentioned a release on any of the variants just yet... but expect them soon, seeing as he revealed them to the public!

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