Kong Andri "Caveman" Android Artist Proof(AP) figures announced!

The super talented artist, Kong Andri, just announced the upcoming Artist Proof release of his fantastic "Caveman" Android... and for all you fans of this platform, this will be one sweet deal if you are able to snag it! Releasing HERE this Thursday, March 13th at 10am GMT (3am PST - I think), there will be 20 of these up for grabs, and with each figure you get the following: a signed and numbered "Caveman" Android figure, a hand made resin Skull Mask, a "Si Batu"- caveman's friend (each are made from natural stone and painted individually, so each will be different shape and paint), as well as a signed and numbered authenticity card! All of that stuff for just $75 + shipping and handling... a sweet deal!

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