Kidrobot to release a production Dunny from Otto Bjornik?!?!?!

Over the weekend, a fan of SpankyStokes happened across a very interesting photo on social media... which has now made it's way around the net of a possible new Dunny release from Kidrobot. Teaming up with the uber talented Otto Bjornik, who is known for his amazing intricate line work along with his black and white contrasting pieces, it appears that KR dug the work that he was doing as well and decided to produce some of his fantastic designs... one of which is spotted above, titled "Mayari". Kidrobot hasn't officially announced a release, or any info on this Dunny just yet... but they did post up a teaser post on their blog highlighting Otto as an artist... so I can only assume that this will release later on in the month... but who really knows! That being said... is this the only one, or are there other versions?

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