Holy what now?!? FullerDesigns's "Bizarre Wars" custom Dunny series of Star Wars-inspired designs!

Imagine a twisted alternate history where the roles in Star Wars were reversed; where the Rebellion were the fiends and the Empire the protectors. Welcome to FullerDesigns's custom 3-inch Dunny series, "Bizarre Wars." Limited to only 4 pieces in each hand-painted design, these are available now to pre-order from FullerDesigns's web shop for $85 apiece and are expected to ship mid-Summer. Destined to be packaged in their own custom X-Wing Fighter box (sporting Empire symbols) and coming with individual artist cards, the designs being offered are (Left to Right): SunTrooper, Light Vader, Hoth Ice Cream Wampa, Princess Slaya, Luke Firewalker, and Chewchoppa!
But that's not all! If you're a true Star Wars fiend, then you'll need the completely unique, one-of-a-kind "Hoth Han Shadow with TerrorTaun" set (work-in-progress pictured below). Also available now in FullerDesigns's web shop, this stunning sculptural work of art will cost you $275… if you can snag it before anyone else! May the Force be against you!

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