HEY YOU GUYS!!!! WickedMasterMind's rad "Goonies" custom Dunny series!

Ryne aka WickedMasterMind just sent over his latest commission pieces... and I gotta say, these might just be his best custom series to date... not sure if it's the contents of the series (I'm sure that helps) but the sculpting on these is really great! Based on the classic 80's film, The Goonies, Ryne customized 4 3-inch tall Dunny's and turned them into some of the most notable characters from the film including: Mikey, Mouth, Data with (his grappling teeth) and Chunk (doing the truffle shuffle). This set was created and commissioned by a private collector... and they have got to be pretty excited with the end result! If your interested in a piece, email Ryne directly HERE or visit his site HERE!

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