A duo of custom "Captain Sturnbrau" and a "WoodSprite" OG sculpture from Jon-Paul Kaiser!!!

Jon-Paul Kaiser is back in the spotlight once again with a few different customs... all of which turned out just like you would expect... AMAZING! First up is a couple of different Captain Sturnbrau customs for a couple of UK based customers. One is a 3" Dunny interpretation of the great Captain, and the second is a zombie version of the Captain using the original figure. A prototype of this was made by Toy2R but is very unlikely to see the light of day... so this guy that you see above is JPK's resculpted version of the figure, with a more skeletal face and his gizzards hanging out on display... RAD!
Next on his list is a custom "WoodSprite" that is going to drop in his store HERE! It's a small figure, the head is vinyl, the tree is plastic, the rest is an original sculpt. The whole thing is just 2.5-3" tall so the figure himself is very small, maybe just over 1".... have you ever wanted to own an original JPK figure... now is your chance!

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