Wetworks custom "Woo-Bots" are a fusion of wood and vinyl!!!

Speaking of Robots... it looks like Carlo Rodrigo Cacho aka Wetworks has been on a mission as of late to bring all of his creations to life, and above is a new series of custom bots that he is calling the "Woo-Bots"! This group of figures is a fusion of vinyl and wood parts, mashed together to make up the first-generation of organic and artificial! "Thirdy", the youngest and biggest bot, towers above the group at 6.5 inches. The smallest, and also the eldest, "Dozer", is 3 inches tall. The middle one, "Niner", stands at 5 inches... these Woo-Bots come as a set and are up for grabs right HERE for only $250... a steal!

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