Uncovered from the lost Temple of Meowlin… SoKo Cat's "Misfortune Cat Relic!"

SoKo Cat has gone on a treacherous archeological dig, seeking out any remaining remnants of the long lost Temple of Meowlin, and she has successfully emerged with this 2½-inch "Misfortune Cat Relic!" This is a superb find and in shockingly amazing condition for its purported two millennia old age! For those unfamiliar with this cherished piece, "calligraphic inscriptions on the walls reveal that Misfortune Cat Relic was believed to have protected Meowlin Kung Fu students from misfortune in battle, and warded the monastery from the evil dogs in the nearby city of Dogfang." While some claim that SoKo Cat used her expert skills to hand-paint a Playge Toys released figure with high-quality acrylics, mimicking the appearance of this desirable find, we can't believe that… though it would explain why it comes signed and dated by her! This one-of-a-kind art piece is available now in SoKo Cat's online shop for $50.

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