"Test Subject: M15TAK3" custom by Obscure

For our previously announced group art show entitled "Crawling Dead" that is going down at Toy Art Gallery on March 8th, 2014 and will feature custom sofubi "Autospy Zombie Staple Baby" figure, artist Matthew Perez aka Obscure turned his piece into what he is calling "Test Subject: M15TAK3". "Mistakes occur in nature on occasion. There are two-headed snakes, goats with two faces, or even cats with no hair. Miscreation Laboratories specializes in the testing of gross deformations in humans at birth. They have recruited the expertise of Dr. Obscure MD, MS, CtD to study one of nature's cruelest mistakes." I really dig the way this was painted, very realistic looking, and the additional gauze as well open wound looking puss... well, this custom lives up to its name!

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